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Part of computer science that studies how to make a machine (computer) can do the job and as good as that done by human beings could even do better than humans. Several kinds of fields that use artificial intelligence expert systems, among others, computer games (games), fuzzy logic, neural networks and robotics.
AI systems now commonly used in economics, medicine, engineering and military, as it has built in some home computer software applications and video games.

1. Make computers more intelligent.
2. Understanding of intelligence.
3. Make the machine more useful.


1. The knowledge base (knowledge base) Containing facts, theories, thoughts and      relationships with each other component.
2. Inference (inference engine) Ability to draw conclusions based on experience. Relating to the representation and the duplication process by the machine (eg, computers and robots).

1. More permanent, artificial intelligence has not changed over the computer systems and programs do not change it.

2. Artificial intelligence is more easily duplicated and distributed. Transfer of human knowledge from one person to another requires a very long process and expertise will never be duplicated in full. So if knowledge is located on a computer system, such knowledge can be copied from the computer and can be moved easily to another computer.

3. Cheaper. Providing computer services will be easier and cheaper than bring in someone to do a job in a very long period of time.

4. Is consistent because the artificial intelligence is part of the natural intelligence of the computer technology while constantly changing.

5. Can be documented, the decision made computers can be easily documented by tracking every activity of the system. Natural intelligence is very difficult to be reproduced
6. faster
7. Better

Drawback is the artificial intelligence artificial intelligence that has logic and can solve problems only in certain areas only.

The main scope of artificial intelligence:
1.  Expert systems (expert systems): the computer as a means for storing the knowledge of experts so that the computer has the expertise to solve the problems by mimicking the expertise of specialists.
2. Natural language processing (natural language processing): user can communicate with computers using everyday language, eg English, Indonesian, Javanese language, etc.
3. Speech recognition (speech recognition): human beings can communicate with computers using sound
4. Robotics and sensor systems.
5. Computer vision: to interpret the pictures or objects appear through the computer.
6. Intelligent computer-aided instruction: a computer can be used as a tutor who can train and teach.
7. Game playing.

          Methodologies used in Soft computing is:
1. Fuzzy Systems (to accommodate imprecision) Fuzzy Logic (fuzzy logic)
2. Neural networks (using learning) Artificial Neural Network (neurall network)
3.Probabilistic Reasoning (accommodates uncertainty)
4. Evolutionary Computing (optimization) Genetic Algorithm.

Game AI is an application to model the characters involved in the game either as opposed to, or supporting characters who are part of the game but did not come into play (NPC = Non playable Character). The role of artificial intelligence in terms of player interaction with the game is to use interactions that are natural human family is used to interact with fellow humans. Examples of media interaction is: Vision (vision), sound (voice), speech (speech), limb movement (gesture)
The algorithm used in artificial intelligence is used
Minimax algorithm. Minimax according to some artificial intelligence expert
is one of the algorithms are often used in the application
artificial intelligence in games, especially games of logic, among other
Chess, Go, Othello, and so forth.

The main process of the Minimax search algorithms based on the best value
values ​​given at each step. Those values ​​are
generated on the basis of the knowledge possessed by the algorithm
them. With the application of the Minimax algorithm as the foundation of an intelligence
made on the game, it is expected to be generated a
interactive game. In this game, two players can each
competing uses two computers connected by a network
local. The tools in the implementation of this case using the local network and
Visual Basic 6.0 programming

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